This type of vacation is known as a cruise with a boat and are designed for those with little or no sailing experience. A skipper will master the boat, plan the route (in accordance with your desires) and has the responsibility for your entire journey. In the cruise you will get the chance to contribute in the operation of the yacht and learn the fundamentals of sailing by the skipper or sit back relax and enjoy the sea and the sun.

All our skippers are experienced professionals sailors who are familiar with the area,they know the best sailing destinations with the most appealing resident restaurants and the liveliest bars. Their priority is the your and the yacht’s safety along with making your holiday as enjoyable as possible.

A typical day with this type of charter starts by serving the breakfast, straight after that we begin our voyage to our target location. After making a break either for a swim or a tour, we continue sailing for 2-3 more hours and finish our day by berthing in our endpoint port. In the afternoon there will be time to enjoy your swim or walk around the town center and try traditional meals and flavors.