Cancellation policy

  • Bookings cancelled up to 91 days prior to embarkation, full refund of the total charter fee.

  • Bookings cancelled between 90 & 61 days prior to embarkation, 30% of the total charter fee.

  • Bookings cancelled between 60 & 31 days prior to embarkation, 50% of the total charter fee.

  • Bookings cancelled less than 30 days prior to embarkation, 100% of total charter fee.

*In the case that the yacht is chartered again, under the same conditions, then full refund of the received
amount is applicable and only 200 € administration fees will be charged.

*Covid19 Policy: Our company offers the possibility to postpone the charter if the client or the boat are located in a blocked or quarantined area (by local authorities) due to the Coronavirus outbreak. We will reschedule to new date and will be subject to the boat's availability and the price may be adjusted according to seasonal rates.

Security Deposit​

In the aforesaid contract you will see that you have to leave a deposit that varies according to the size of the yacht. This insures that you are responsible only for that amount of money for any loss or damage may be caused. Every yacht is insured against any damage that exceeds that amount.  At the end of your charter the Security Deposit will be refunded back to you.

We accept for the amount of guaranty:
Mastercard and Visa


Personal checks are not accepted.

There is also the possibility of insured deposit.

  • Damage Waiver is a part of security deposit plus a part of non refunable deposit. 

  • Insurance is a non refundable deposit. 

  • Security deposit is a refundable deposit.

Security deposit (refundable): from 2500 to 1500 depending on the size of the yacht.

Insurance (non refundable): from 600 to 450.

Damage waiver (Security Deposit, Insurance): from 800 to 600 security deposit(refundable) and from 300 to 200 insurance (non refundable)

Feel free to request for more information about this type of guaranty.

Booking Essential Procedures

Check-in: It is the process where we deliver the yacht to you. The skipper (if you choose this type of trip) will follow the check in process with us, following the list of equipment of the boat, in detail.

The embarkation time is 17.00

Check-out: It is the process where you deliver the yacht to us. The yacht should return in the base the night before the ending date.

The disembarkation time is 10.00

Booking: The 30% of the price must be paid with the signing of the contract by bank swift to our account. The rest of 70% is paid 3 weeks before embarkation by bank swift to our account.